Nyoka + Basscoast = Biotech for the People, Biotech for the Planet


Paige will be leading a workshop at Basscoast Festival next week, Saturday at 1:30pm in the Brain!

Biotech for the People, Biotech for the Planet:
Biotech is incredibly powerful, incredibly dangerous, and most of all, incredibly misunderstood. Dive into a mini workshop on the DIYbio movement; we will cover the central dogma of genetic transcription/translation, how gene editing works, ethics of biotechnology, and you'll even get to witness your own microbiome in action over the course of the festival. "Biotechnology" is everywhere - we human beings are one of the most incredible feats of biotechnology alive today (second only to the notorious tardigrade). Learn a bit more about how it all goes down at Intro to DIYbio with pagexrage. + Light Wand Demo!

About the Facilitator:

Paige is an inventor and innovator who pursues research and develops solutions—merging studies in
biotechnology and environmental restoration. Paige grew up on the lands of the K’òmoks First Nations and went on to pursue an education in Microbiology and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. This double major program inspired her to leverage technology to solve some of the most pressing environmental and social issues we face today. During her undergrad, Paige created the ‘Light Wand’, a biodegradable, non-toxic glow stick powered with bioluminescence that helps heal the ecosystem where it degrades. Beyond her start-up venture and academic research, Paige is the founding student leader of the UVic iGEM (international genetically engineered machine) competition team, a STEAM instructor, and “makes stuff” at the Victoria Makerspace.

It is such an honour to be presenting this work to the festival community who constantly inspires me. Hope to see you there!

<3 Paige