Nyoka + Project Zero + Summer Events

we have some super news

1/ Nyoka is officially incubating!

Nyoka has been chosen for Vancity + City of Victoria's Project Zero circular economy incubator program! Here are Yamila (left) and Paige (right) with the other incubator ventures!


Did you know that 98% of waste occurs during product production? We are committed to doing better and are now building Nyoka in an incubator environment geared towards radical sustainability. Project Zero is legit! We are so honoured to have been chosen for this program along with six other Vancouver Island green ventures.

A circular economy model is based on three principles:
1/ Use waste as a resource
2/ Keep products and materials in use
3/ Regenerate natural systems

This system is what we are aiming for as we bring the Light Wand to life! As we focus on product development this summer the connections and resources provided by Project Zero will ground our work in sustainable practices.

For more information on Project Zero and to learn more about what a circular economy model is, visit the Project Zero website: www.project-zero.ca/


2/ Nyoka will be at major BC festivals!

Paige will be leading a "Biotech for the Planet, Biotech for the People!" workshop at Basscoast festival. More info on time and location will be posted closer to the date.


1/ Basscoast Music & Art Festival
Workshop: Biotech for the People, Biotech for the Planet - Intro to DIYbio ft. the Nyoka Light Wand with Paige!
Date and time: TBD

A bit about Basscoast:
Bass Coast Festival is arguably the coolest underground music festival in Canada. Founded in 2009 by Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson, the artist owned and operated event is a recognized worldwide. Basscoast was one of the first festivals to ban headdresses in the world - major respect.


2/ Shambhala Music Festival

Attraction: Festival Missions (shh, they're secret missions)
Date and time: TBD

A bit about Shambhala:
Shambhala is the OG and most loved electronic/underground festival - coming on 22 years in 2019! Well known for the unique curation of its 5 killer stages, Shambhala holds a special place in our hearts as the place where we were inspired to start on this journey.



3/ Nyoka + the Glow Stick Initiative!

This glow stick monster sticker is available at theglowstickinitiative.org - all proceeds go towards reducing glow stick waste and raising awareness.

We love the Glow Stick Initiative!
This Vancouver-based non-profit began when Morel of Morel Media created his first 'glow stick monster' last summer; a hilarious waste receptacle for plastic, single-use glow sticks. Adam collected over 4000 glow sticks from three festivals alone. He is currently creating art installations with the glow sticks to raise awareness of their toxicity and ubiquity. There is currently no environmentally safe way to recycle the toxic waste.

Collecting glow sticks for awareness, safe disposal, and more!

Guess what? Landfills are NOT safe places for glow sticks. Once used, the chemicals inside can produce highly dangerous side-products that are genotoxic in even extremely low concentrations.
We're working with the Glow Stick Initiative to spread awareness of the dangers of chemiluminescent glow sticks, and are brainstorming how to safely reuse, dispose, or transform the waste materials collected via the Feed Me Glow Stick Monsters collection program.

For more info, to support, and to get one of these awesome stickers, visit theglowstickinitiative.org

CV maker meet up05 (2).PNG

Message from Paige/

Hi Everyone, it's been a while! Thank you so much for subscribing to our newsletter and supporting our work.
I have one more piece of good news to share with you all - I'm finally done my degree! BSc. Double Major in Microbiology and Environmental Studies. This degree has given me so much passion for biotech applications to environmental problems. Moving on to focusing on Nyoka full time feels like the best thing I can do for our world with my skills and I am excited to see where this takes us!
There have been countless super people who have helped us get started while at UVic, and these few stand out for their advice, kindness, and efforts (in no particular order):

  • Tyler and Jerome, from the Innovation Centre

  • Rich and Dani, from the Digital Scholarship Commons

  • Sue, from the Research Support Services

  • Shawn, with Gustavson School of Business

  • Derek, founder of Victoria Makerspace

  • Dr. Francis Nano, Biotech professor

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering - when can we actually get a Light Wand?!
Well the answer is, as always, we are working on it! I admit, I fell into the 'classic startup trap' of thinking this would take much less time, money, and people power than it really will. It is a long journey to get from prototype to a viable product, and we will keep you updated every step of the way. I am so happy to be graduated so I can spend more time working on Nyoka!
Thank you for bearing with us as we face these challenges. We are planning an epic launch party when the time comes and you are ALL invited :D

Til we meet again :)