Light Wand Guardian Program - adopt a prototype Light Wand!

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Hello friends!

We are developing a Light Wand Guardian program for you! We are so inspired by the wonderful people who have reached out to us, who are doing the work of healing our planet, and we want you on our team! We have created a Guardian Code which is loosely based on the three permaculture principles. Here is our take on what we are here on this planet to do as Guardians:

We are on a mission of deadly. serious. fun. We are incredibly lucky to be alive, to be aware, to be us! Let’s celebrate, create, and heal our world. 

1/ We act first and foremost to protect and serve our sacred planet, Earth.

2/ We are in pursuit of personal discovery and mastery, for through personal transformation we can transform our whole world.

3/ We work to create a sustainable, peaceful, wonderful future for all beings.

Now - we have a task for all potential Guardians - fill out a Light Wand Guardian application form to get started - more info on the program below :)

Our inspiration - Dino Adoption Camp at Otherworld, Vancouver Island

We have been brainstorming the best way to start testing out prototype Light Wands and were completely inspired by the Dino Adoption Camp at Otherworld, Vancouver Island’s Regional Burn.

At this camp participants filled out lengthy “Dino Adoption Forms” that were both serious and highly ridiculous in the hopes of adopting absolutely gorgeous and unique hand-made plush dinosaurs. Finally on Sunday morning the decisions were made - a crowd lined up and one by one people found out if their applications were successful application. There were only 100 Dino’s available to a group of over 1000 people, so many were turned away. It was such a heartbreaking and beautiful exercise. Every Dino was special and hand-made - just like our Light Wands.
For more on these amazing dinos visit:

Seeing the hilarious answers, care, and community gathering around the Dino’s inspired us to create a similar program for the Light Wand Adoptions, and so far the responses have been MIND BLOWING!

How the program works:

It’s very simple. You fill out an application here: before the phase ends for a chance to adopt your very own Light Wand (current phase lasts until August 31, 2019).

Bonus points for creativity, authenticity, vulnerability, and humour!

We will send you a code name for your trouble and will get in touch with all applicants after the phase has ended and decisions have been made. We wish you all the best!

In exchange we ask for 10 minutes of your time and feedback. Once you have used the Light Wand we want to hear from you how it worked, what you liked, what you thought could be done better, so we can continue to improve on the Light Wands. Thank you so much for your support and help!

Here are some snippets of the amazing applications we have already received - it has been so hard to pull just one quote from each form. Reading through the applications has made us so happy - a lot of the work we do is on our own - the start of this program has already given us such a boost and helps us know that there are real people out there who support this project. Thank you thank you thank you!