Nyoka featured as Cover Story in the UVic Ring - official UVic Newspaper

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We knew that Nyoka was going to be featured in the University of Victoria's official newspaper, the Ring, but we didn't know that we were chosen as the cover story and would be featured on the main landing page of the UVic website! 

If you live in Victoria make sure to grab a paper on campus - there is a bunch of amazing research happening at UVic that is highlighted in this months Ring. 

An Excerpt from the Article: by Jody Paterson

"One morning at the Shambhala Music Festival in the Kootenays a few years ago, young scientist-to-be Paige Whitehead looked around at the vast piles of discarded glow sticks everywhere and was struck by the thought that there surely had to be a more environmentally friendly way to party.

The University of Victoria student didn’t know it then, but that was the start of a very big idea. Whitehead has gone on to develop a prototype “Light Wand” lit by bioluminescence, inside a seaweed-based casing that not only dissolves harmlessly wherever it’s discarded, but actually improves the soil."

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- Special shout out to Colton Hash, fellow winner at Research Reels, for also being featured! Check out his website at: http://cargocollective.com/coltonhash - prepare to be blown away at his evocative and stirring environmental art installations.

- Also great to see Pani Energy featured, another venture that works closely with the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre!

Full Article Here