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HOw It Works

Step 1. Fill Light Wand with water and seal

Step 2. Puncture top and shake - look at that glow! All bioluminescence.

Step 3.  (Optional) We recommend spinning in various motions and waving it in front of your friends faces with a backdrop of incredible music.

Step 4. Once the glow stops (sad!), remove cap top and bottom, and compost the Wand! 

Step 5. Repeat Repeat Repeat

Why It's Important


Did you know?

Over 500 Million Glowsticks are thrown out
- every yea


Over 500 million Plastic Glowsticks are Thrown Out Every Year, contributing to plastic waste and leaching carcinogenic chemicals including dibutyl phthalate. Often These glowsticks don’t even make it to a garbage, and become unmanaged waste that ends up in rivers, streams, and the ocean. 

We Care, which is why the Light Wand is designed to be compostable right where it lands, weather that’s in a compost, garbage, or festival grounds. 

 The Light Wand based on some incredibly powerful technology (woo!) and the entire product is designed to be sustainable and non-toxic. The Cap is resuable, and the entire Single-Use Wand is aquatic and terrestrial compostable, even better than most biodegradable products on the market today.


We want to go so far beyond plastic free that youre not even thinking of plastic anymore, cause plastic is OVER! We, along with other innovative brands, are pushing the boundaries of what businesses can achieve. We are setting the new precedence of what sustainable business looks like, and we want to bring you with us!

How we do better:

- We use seaweed based materials which don't require commercial compost facilities to break down (all 'biodegradable plastics' require temperature of 40°C to fully break down, otherwise they just turn into more of the same microplastics that are decimating the bottom of our food chain.) 

- Our packaging is 100% compostable too! 

- All components in the Light Wand are non-toxic and 'unofficially edible' - even if this gets left on the ground, its like leaving throwing out an apple core. We recommend you use a compost, but don't feel too guilty if you don't. 


Q. I love this idea, where can I get a Light Wand?
A. Nowhere yet! We are putting the finishing touches on the prototype and setting up our production line atm. If you want to support us in the future make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our email list. We will be posting project updates, counting down to our crowdfunding start date, and make sure you'll be first to know where and when to get the first Light Wand.  

Q. I want to have the Nyoka Light Wand at our event, can you create custom orders?
A. We are currently working with festivals and other vendors to create specialized Light Wands - let us know if you would interested in setting up an agreement by emailing us at paige@lightbynyoka.com

Q. How can we support Nyoka until the Crowdfunding Campaign is launched?
A. Follow us on social media, tell your friends and family, and get in touch! We love talking about our research and values, and want to spread the word. If you want to feature our product, interview us, etc. please feel free to get in touch at paige@lightbynyoka.com