Pre-crowdfunding crowdfunding:

Since receiving some media attention we have received some unexpected and very welcome inquiries of how to financially support this project, even before we launch a full-scale crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you amazing people!
In response we have started our own GoFundMe page.

We are currently 100% self-funded, and gearing up to produce the first ever 'demo' run of the Nyoka Light Wand. Your contributions are invaluable at this point in our start-up journey, we are so humbled. 

Your donations will go towards:

  •  materials costs as we continue to finalise the product design
  • purchasing lab consumables for research and development
  • testing packaging materials (we are leaning towards non-toxic and compostable algae-based ink!)
  • producing the 'demo' version of the Light Wand. We are working with some incredible new green materials we are excited to tell you more about, but they are a bit trickier to work with and take a little longer than their plastic evil-cousins.

Our Contribution:

We are working with the VCHT ( to help conserve bioluminescent bays around the world, starting with the BioBay in Vieques, Puerto Rico. 
5% of all donations will go towards the bioluminescent bay conservation program. 

THIS Feels really really Good:

To everyone who has made it this far, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are beyond excited to be working on this project - it just feels so good to DO something about some of the problems that the world is facing. We hope you get a bit of that feeling from helping us.
Scratch that, we hope you get a LOT of that feeling, because your help really is fundamental in getting this project off the ground (and into your hands! and glowing! and then back into the ground, where (if all goes well) more bioluminescent things will grow!) 

- SO - 

If you want to HOLD A LIGHT WAND IN YOUR VERY OWN HANDS (as well as learn more about bioluminescence, mycoremediation, the mycelial web of life, and awesome new plastic eating bacteria and fungi) press that Support button!