Our Story

Nyoka was started to create a completely non-toxic, biodegradable light source based on bioluminescence that is not only safe for people and the planet, but helps to restore some of the damage. Our first product, the Light Wand, is just that! #sciencemagic. Based on our core value of Restorative Design, we work hard to create products that help to heal the planet rather than add to its destruction. The Light Wand is algae-based, composts quickly in terrestrial and aquatic environments, is "unofficially edible", and vegan af. We are extra excited to be working on a prototype that acts as a 'seed-bomb' for mushrooms!


Founder and CEO, Paige Whitehead, was inspired to create a biodegradable light source at Shambhala music festival, BC, where she noticed plastic glow sticks left all over the festival grounds. This was clearly a huge problem, especially at Shambhala which acts as a family farm year-round. With a background in Microbiology, Environmental Studies, and Permaculture Design (plus a growing obsession with bioluminescence) Paige started working on the idea of a completely non-toxic and biodegradable glow stick. A few years, hundreds of emails, and one trip to Puerto Rico later, with the help of a community of scientists, innovators, artists, and friends, we are ready to launch the first protein-based light source, the Light Wand!



Where IT all Began